All Features

This page lists and documents all the features of JNote.

General Features

All the general features of JNote. Eg:- Create New Document, Open File, etc.

Create New Document

Creates a new document, ie:- Clears the Editing Area. Also displays the message “New Document Created” in The Status Bar.

Errors That Can Occur While Creating a New Document

Dialog Title Meaning
Fatal Error Fatal internal error

If failed, a “Fatal Error” dialog will appear.

Open File

Opens an Existing file. The opened file path is appended to the title like JNote: A Free NotePad - /path/to/file.txt. Also displays a Status Bar message.

Errors That Can Occur While Opening a File

Dialog Title Meaning
Unsupported File Type Selected a binary file or a file that uses an unsupported encoding
Unknown Error While Opening File An unknown error that had occurred while handling the file
File Not Found The file was not found
Fatal Error Fatal internal error